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Gary Candela, the creator of the Jack Strap, is a career firefighter in Howard County Maryland. During a countywide down firefighter rescue training in 2017,  the overall feedback was frustration by the fact that the face pieces became dislodged in almost every scenario when dragging someone wearing their SCBA. Gary decided there had to be a better, safer way and set out on a year long journey to create a tool to assist in these high stress scenarios. 

Using his knowledge and experience from both his career in the fire department and as a sheet metal mechanic he created the Jack Strap. After much trial, error and tests, the Jack Strap is a tool that allows for a safe and easy rescue while maintaining the integrity of the face piece. By using the carabiners at each end of the strap to attach it to a RIT bag, it replaces a useless shoulder strap and now transforms the RIT bag into a RIT system. Everyone who has had the opportunity to work with the strap agrees that it is quick and easy to use, even in low visibility and less than ideal situations. Since the first strap was sold, many new uses have been found through training including using the strap to assist with lifting a civilian during EMS calls.

Gary continues to work with different departments to explore additional applications for the strap and has even made small changes to personalize the strap to ensure it is the best tool for every group using it.
The strap was named after his oldest son Jack. Since his younger son Nick refuses to be out done by his older brother, the company was then named using his initials. That is how NLC Rescue came to be.

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The Jack Strap Specs​

  • 2" Web-polyester with woven protective edge

  • and reflective stitching

  • 1" Web-Polyester

  • 2" delta rings

  • Kong tango carabiners

  • 2" Cam Buckle

  • Slip resist lift handles

  • Reflective tape

  • Specs

  • Breaking Strengths/Heat Testing

  • MBS as used- 5,010lbs 1" webbing @ handle

  • assembly

  • To D-Rings, bypassing handles- 6,539lbs

  • compromise @ case stitching for D-ring {strap

  • & D-ring remain connected}

  • *all heat tests done with direct contact

  • under hot knife for 60 seconds*

  • No damage @ 400°

  • burn marks only, no damage @ 450°

  • 2" web begins to compromise @ 500°


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NLCRescue Inc.


 Tel: 410-751-6890